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The seeds of canadian varieties of soft wheat ТESLA (durochka).can be sown in autumn and spring! Grown from seeds!Soft red winter wheat (powdery mildew). Protein contains usually not less than 11%; flour used in the confectionery industry!Order from 1 colors possible delivery!

Grade soft wheat of TESLA was placed in Canada. TESLA - transgenic variety of wheat of dworecki held variety for hardiness in Russia, Canada and Northern Norway where the temperature reached to 38 °C. a Variety is characterized by high yield in 75 - 100 kg/ha, which is achieved due to large spike and a high coefficient of tillering. TESLA is immune to fungus diseases and viruses that affects common wheat varieties.

Height of wheat varieties is 120 cm erect Shrub, one Bush can be up to 22 ears of corn. The stem of the plant powerful, the diameter reaches 3 cm in girth.

Wheat of TESLA performs well in all regions of Ukraine.

Seeding rate: 170-200 kg/ha.

Depth of seeding: 5 - 6 cm.

The period of the sowing:

Autumn - from September 10 until the end of November.

Spring - starting with the February Windows and until the end of April.

Growing period: autumn sowing 280 days; spring sowing 175 days.

Yield: 75 - 100 kg/ha.

Distinctive features of wheat varieties TESLA:

1. Frost resistance to - 40 °C, even during the dry winter and without snow cover. Seeds of canadian wheat have the opportunity through selected genes from the algae Fucus vesiculosus, which grows on the bottom of the Arctic ocean.

2. High resistance to abiotic stress factors, provotsiruesh climatic and soil conditions. Buy seeds of winter wheat with such high indicator of frost resistance up to - 38 °C, the key to a successful harvest. Wheat seeds of dworecki allow you to do spring seeding, in which high stability to changes in temperature grades of TESLA, is one of the most important factors of success.

3. Has resistance to fungal diseases and viruses affecting ordinary varieties of wheat. The most common ones: powdery mildew, dwarf rust, root rot, snow mold, Septoria leaf spot, Fusarium head blight, bacteriosis, etc.

4. Powerful stalk of wheat provides high resistance to lodging and shattering.

High gluten content - 38% http://agro-ukraine.com

Read more: http://agro-ukraine.com/ru/trade/m-831744/pshenitsya-tesla-1r/

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