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High yielding (up to 65 t/ha)

* Mid-season

*Resistant to lodging

* Resistant to drought and shattering

* Defeat resistant brown rust and powdery mildew, moderately resistant against Septoria

The quality of the grain.The mass of 1000 grains of 44.0–51.5 per g. grain unit 751 g/l, hardness 90%, content of gluten 29%, protein is 15.7 %, flour strength 320.. Strong wheat.

Approbation signs.A variety of americasarmy. Medium (90-100 cm). The ear is cylindrical, with a length of 9.4–12.0 cm, average density (19-20 spikelets per 10 cm length rod). In the upper part of the ear stockopedia shoots with a length of 1.5–2.5 cm. Spikelet scales ovate, with an average nervation. The prong is slightly curved, narrow shoulder, straight. Keel well developed, narrow. Caryopsis ovate, large, notch shallow, wide.

Agrotechnical requirements.Sort of semi-intensive type. Sowing date early – the first days of the beginning of the field work. Seed rate is 5-6 million germinating seeds per 1 ha. the Best predecessors – in time collected corn, soybeans, sugar beets, potatoes. Pre-sowing soil treatment includes plowing in plowing, to clean the areas of possible cultivation disk, czytelnie or ploskorezy guns. Main mineral fertilizer – NЗ0PЗ0KЗ0. Calibrated to sow the pickled seeds of high reproductions. The seeding depth of 3-5 cm followed by rolling. Optionally, in the phase of tillering apply herbicides in phase of tillering – booting stage is required N30 top-dressing. To ensure high yields of high-quality beans, you need to spend 2-3 times the treatment of crops against pests and diseases.

Spring wheat variety Early 93

Variety of spring wheat Early is not inferior in its characteristics to the analogues on the market of agricultural seed products. Grade is not only used for its intended purpose, and can also be used to "repair" liquefied winter wheat.

The Early variety refers to plants an intensive type of cultivation. The height of the crops reaches 87-103 cm with average height, the variety is rather resistant to lodging. In addition, the Early wheat tolerant to the common diseases of cereals. Wheat is of high productivity, because the characteristics of the grape variety in a comfortable growing conditions capable of exceeding other varieties and hybrids 4-5 kg/ha.

Product characteristic earliness, extremely high quality products, high productivity, significant drought tolerance. Thus, undoubtedly, the variety has no analogues in our country and abroad. For growing this hybrid is well suited natural area of woodlands and Forest.

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