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The chorus is an effective drug to combat diseases of fruit (grapes, stone fruit, Yabluniv, pear)
Strobi - fungicide locally systemic with a broad spectrum of action. Used to fight fungal diseases of fruit crops, vegetable
Quadris –systemic fungicide with wide action spectrum for protection of vegetable crops from a complex of diseases.
Have gradil Maxi is a highly active product with a high spectrum of action.
Highly effective systemic herbicide of selective action, as a means of protection of plants. Kills annual, perennial and od
Dual gold - soil herbicidal protection against annual grasses and some annual dicotyledonous weeds in potato plantings, seedling t
Roundup is a versatile tool for weed control. This is the best means for the destruction of annual and perennial weeds and shrubs
Herbicide Galera Super 6 000 грн.
Galera Super - selective postemergence systemic herbicide against perennial and annual dicotyledonous weeds on crops
Gesagard, systemic herbicide selective, leaf and soil, pre - and post-emergence.
The best herbicides against weeds in maize
Pulsar herbicide for peas and soybeans 7 800 грн.
Pulsar - a unique, broad-spectrum herbicide to control annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds in crops of legumes.
Herbicide MIURA will replace Zelek Super 2 100 грн.
Selective post-emergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds on crops technical, vegetable, bean
Express Herbicide against weeds in sunflower 2 550 грн.
Tech post-emergence herbicide against dicotyledonous weeds in sowing of special sunflower hybrids.
Dialen Super systemic herbicide selective, leaf and soil, pre-emergence.
Buy in Ukraine herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers CAS
Highly effective against the larvae and adults of the pest the Drug is safe for bees and the environment Long-term protection of kartofel
Aktara® systemic insecticide new generation, has high efficiency and fast acting (within 15 minutes)
Insecticide Calypso 480 SC – kills pests 1 720 грн.
Systemic insecticide contact-intestinal action class chloronicotinyls against sucking and chewing pests on Apple.
Caribou is a legendary safety at all stages of development of sugar beet. Spectrum of herbicidal activity - Annual dodol
GOAL 2E— non-systemic selective herbicide for pre-emergence and early post-emergence application for the suppression of most broadleaf
Fungicide Impact 440 грн.
Impakt - universal, an effective fungicide for crop protection from most harmful diseases of plants
from fungicide Powdery mildew on wheat in Derosal
Defeat fungal diseases! Fungicide swift and Topaz
APYROS ™ 75 WG is a selective herbicide for post-emergence control of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous gramineous weeds.
The best herbicides for simple hybrids of sunflower Salsa and harmony
Euro-lightning® production system the Clearfield® is a unique possibility of destroying a broad spectrum of weed in crops of sunflower
Prima is a powerful two-part drug to protect spiked cereals and corn against a broad spectrum of dicotyledonous tornaco
Protect your harvest! Use the Zenkor and Zenkor Liquid for potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, soybeans against dicotyledonous and annual cereal weeds.
Herbicide Granstar Gold 810 грн.
Herbicide against weeds in cereals and sunflower

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