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Caesar -unkalkulierbare with vysokoobogashchennogo, intended semitico, rapsta grapes from pests
Angio systemic / contact insecticide.
Has a contact, residual and intestinal action;
Fastak effective on all development stages of insects.
Insecticide Envidor from klisa on soy Apple 1 560 грн.
Envidor non-systemic acaricide contact action, which belongs to a new chemical class, ketoenol
High efficiency in plants attlesey, thrips mineralsi insects
Insecticide Summit from Klima 520 грн.
Insecticide Summit from Klima
Mospilan –a new systemic insecticide contact-intestinal action
Konfidor is a highly effective low-toxic insecticide of system and contact action
Amistar extra - systemic combined fungicide to protect grain crops,sunflower, canola, corn, and sugar beets.
Folicur -systemic fungicide to protect canola and grain crops from a complex of diseases.
Alto super-combined fungicide with systemic action for the protection of cereals and sugar beet
The systemic effect of the drug allows him to quickly disperse throughout the plant.
Rex Duo -a systemic fungicide against a complex of diseases of cereals and sugar beet.
The chorus is an effective drug to combat diseases of fruit (grapes, stone fruit, Yabluniv, pear)
Strobi - fungicide locally systemic with a broad spectrum of action. Used to fight fungal diseases of fruit crops, vegetable
Quadris –systemic fungicide with wide action spectrum for protection of vegetable crops from a complex of diseases.
Have gradil Maxi is a highly active product with a high spectrum of action.
Highly effective systemic herbicide of selective action, as a means of protection of plants. Kills annual, perennial and od
Dual gold - soil herbicidal protection against annual grasses and some annual dicotyledonous weeds in potato plantings, seedling t
Roundup is a versatile tool for weed control. This is the best means for the destruction of annual and perennial weeds and shrubs
Herbicide Galera Super 6 000 грн.
Galera Super - selective postemergence systemic herbicide against perennial and annual dicotyledonous weeds on crops
Gesagard, systemic herbicide selective, leaf and soil, pre - and post-emergence.
The best herbicides against weeds in maize
Pulsar herbicide for peas and soybeans 7 800 грн.
Pulsar - a unique, broad-spectrum herbicide to control annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds in crops of legumes.
Herbicide MIURA will replace Zelek Super 2 100 грн.
Selective post-emergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds on crops technical, vegetable, bean
Express Herbicide against weeds in sunflower 2 550 грн.
Tech post-emergence herbicide against dicotyledonous weeds in sowing of special sunflower hybrids.
Dialen Super systemic herbicide selective, leaf and soil, pre-emergence.
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