Bi 58 best price
Bi 58 best price
Bi 58 best price
Bi 58 best price

Listning ID 395562


High-performance system-contact insectoacaricide broad spectrum of activity against harmful insects and mites.

Physical form: emulsion concentrate

Active substance: dimethoate 400 g/l

Packing: canister 5 liters

Protective period: 2-3 weeks

The advantages of BI-58 New:

- the protection of culture from all groups of insects and mites;

- a long period of protective action thanks to the combination of contact and systemic activity.

- ability to apply in a wide range of temperatures;

- no phytotoxicity;

- good compatibility in tank mixtures with fungicides;

is the ideal partner for tank mixtures with that for pyrethroids (e.g., Cyperus, Ivanhoe).

Mechanism of action:

System action: the drug is absorbed by the green and other parts of plants, and then distributed throughout the plant, mainly acropetally. Sucking insects are killed by power plant SAP. Due to the high consistency and the even distribution of the active substance within the plant protected from insect pests newly growing parts of the plant.

Contact action: contact a pronounced effect on insect pests currently in the processing on the surface of the plant. Actively works through the integument of the insect.

Destroy harmful objects:

- wheat (bug harmful bug, pijavica, cereal flies, aphids, thrips);

- rye, barley (plavica, cereal flies, aphids, thrips);

- oats (cereal flies, aphids);

- Apple, pear (scale insects, coccidae, mites, leafroller, aphids, Apple suckers, moths, moth, leaf-eating caterpillars, beetles);

- Apple (Apple pollen beetle);

- grapes (mites, mealybugs, leafrollers);

- sugar beet (bugs, leaf aphids, leaf miner fly and the moth, leafhoppers, burying beetles, fleas, ticks);

- vegetable (seed sowing) (mites, aphids, thrips, stink bugs);)

- potato (seed crops) (aphid, potato mol);

- Lucerne (seed crops) (bugs, aphids, alfalfa Tolstonogov, ticks);

- flax (moth, thrips, scoop-gamma);

- hemp for technical purposes (varieties allowed for cultivation in the Russian Federation) (leafrollers, aphids);

- kenaf (bugs, aphids);

- currants (nursery furniture) (Bud moth, Midge, and aphids);

- raspberries (milk) (mites, aphids, leafhoppers, Midge);

- Lupin (seed sowing) (stem mining fly, aphids).

Bottle 1l Price: 230.00 hrn.
Canister 5L Price:1100.00 UAH.
Cans 10l Price UAH 2100.00.


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