Rink cutter chopper MaxiCut DAL-BO (Denmark)
Rink cutter chopper MaxiCut DAL-BO (Denmark)
Rink cutter chopper MaxiCut DAL-BO (Denmark)
Rink cutter chopper MaxiCut DAL-BO (Denmark)

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Rink cutter chopper MaxiCut DAL-BO (Denmark)

MaxiCut is the original machine which is designed for shallow stubble tillage to facilitate subsequent processing of the soil or planting by no-till technology. The secret to the effectiveness of Maxicut is its design and high quality Assembly units. In General, the agronomic benefits from the use of the chopper Maxicut are as follows:

* The unit Padre residues and partially processes the upper layer of the soil, cuts the stalks, stomps and leaves them on the surface in close contact of plants with soil that accelerates microbial activity in the upper soil layer

* Cutting and shredding stalks with a reliable means of mechanical control of pests and diseases, particularly the cultivation of maize unit Maxicut destroys risktaking corn borer pest of maize.

* Alignment and uniform distribution of the residues on the surface of the field.

* Localization of foci of water, wind and air erosion.

* To promote the accumulation of soil moisture.

* Zarobki organic and mineral fertilizers accelerate the process of decomposition of plant residues and green manure.

* Provoke germination of weeds, thereby contributing to their subsequent wymarzony.

Itself the working body of the chopper MaxiCut is a metal drum with a diameter of 610 mm and a wall thickness of 7 mm, which is attached to plate knives, With a working height of 100 mm, which is the total work roll diameter 810 mm. skladac the heavy duty blades are made of steel and undergo a specific treatment, which enables them bravely to fight against abrasive wear, extending the lifetime of the rink.

Core niche Kotka can be filled with water to increase the specific pressure on the ground, thus adjusting the aggressiveness of the work and adapting the unit to moisture fields. The massiveness of the drum makes use of a hardened metal axles with a diameter of 70 mm, double roller bearings high capacity dual mangenie seals. Suspension axis of the drum on the basis of heavy-duty damper cushion, integrated in misthi space allows to absorb vibrations and creates a cushioning effect, which in turn significantly reduces the load on bearings and ensures smooth operation of the rink hectare per hectare.

Viseme features allow the roller-chopper MaxiCut work with the working speed up to 25 km/h, which for a 6 meter unit provides a capacity of 10 ha/hour. In this case, the speed change is governed by the size of the grinding of plant residues. That is, it can be argued that the roller-chopper Maxicut does the work of disc cultivators and mower in the complex, the unit has outstanding performance and low fuel consumption of only 2.5-4.5 l/ha., the Feasibility and effectiveness of using the MaxiCut most eloquently manifested in the processing of sunflower stubble after harvest his reapers solid slice. The extension of the terms of use Maxicut can be retrofitted with 2-row strikeline harrow and/or a device for sowing of green manure, herbs or fertilizer rollers are available in attachments (including the front of the tractor) and a towed version.

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