MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink
MaxiRoll DAL-BO tillage rink

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MaxiRoll-the original modular machine which is used for the surface treatment of the soil before sowing, or after ploughing, early spring closing of moisture and the like. The machine consists of rotoorangi Kotka and other working bodies. Hydraulic weight distribution DUOFLEX included in the basic package of the rink. This system makes it possible to evenly distribute the weight of the machine on each section due to the action of two powerful hydraulic cylinders. The presence of gas energy to the battery in the system DUOFLEX gives you the ability to bend around the surface of the field each section depending on the action of reactions on the surface of the field. Ring Cross-Combi is a relatively recent development in the field of soil mechanics. Due to the large specific gravity of the ring Cross-Combi work well on seedbed kotlovan, can effectively be used on meadows and pastures. The main effect of the rings Cross-Combi is a large number of holes to each linear meter of treated soil. Agronomists observed that the aggressive action of the rings Cross-Combi helps to fight sablevm (corn) a moth, the main pest of maize grain Neu. To all of the marked advantages of the rings Cross-Combi is to add the presence of a self-cleaning effect that allows the use of rollers on wet soils. GDrive polosovoi train crackerboard is the optimal addition to the rink for the spring field work.

The plume consists of a set of lanes on spring suspension, creating a vibration effect for lumps. The aggressiveness of the action of the bands is governed by the angle of attack, depth speed loop regulated hydraulically without affecting the specified angle of attack. To ensure the smooth running of the train and the observance of blocks of processing it has its own parallelogram suspension. On fields, pure from weeds, rink MaxiRoll with prosavin train crackerboard performs a full

pre-sowing treatment. Knife chopper Kniferoller designed to extend the use of Kotka during the year. Knife chopper metastise to the rink instead of the strip loop and is designed to perform plazinic treatments or stubble chopping and incorporation of green manure and the like.

The basic equipment of the machine includes a set of transport locks, road lighting and dimensions. Frame machinimists of high strength steel, the size of the beam frame 15x10 cm, the axis of the rink - shaft, 6 cm in diameter Patientsin model of the basic design are the paired supporting wheels for the best running stiesdal box, and hydraulic brakes for confident movement on the roads. Optional unit moniwa retrofitted strikeline harrow

equipment for sowing grasses or siderits, rippers track of the tractor wheels.

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Valentin Leonidovich

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