Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM
Fuel counter DFM

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Differential flow meter DFM 250D allows you to:

-to accurately determine the fuel consumption;

-to determine the time of operation of the engine;

-to identify the facts of unloading the fuel;

-promptly identify the malfunction of the fuel system.

-function "antivandal": vibro and impact resistance.

Thanks to the IP54 rated device is protected from moisture and dust. The maximum differential flow rate is 150 l / h, minimum flow rate of the fuel in the chamber 25 l / h, the maximum - 250 l / h.

Technical characteristics and advantages of the flowmeter DFM 250D:

-Integrates with popular GPS / GLONASS systems

-Mounted on vehicles with engines of Euro (TIER) 3/4/5 standards

-Each time filling the chamber with fuel it creates momentum that allows you to accurately calculate the amount of liquid in the tank. This is achieved through an annular type. Integrated in the flow meter filter allows you to clean the fuel from impurities. The device can be implemented in trucks, agricultural and special machinery, the fuel system of diesel locomotives and river vessels. The model is working properly at extremely low and high ambient temperatures: -40 ° to + 80 ° In D for two DFM measuring chamber - for direct and return fuel lines. The flow controller independently calculates the difference of expenditure in each camera and leads Counters. The values of the Counters are transmitted to the monitoring terminal in the form of digital messages (for DFM with output RS232, RS485 or CAN). Built-in battery In the absence of an external power source, for example, from the onboard network, DFM continues to record data in the internal memory. When external power is restored, all stored data will be transmitted to the onboard terminal monitoring. Replaceable dirt filter installed in the inlet fitting of the DFM. Protects the camera meter from the ingress of particles of dirt and sand, which significantly increases the reliability and durability of the flowmeter. The filter is replaced in the field without the need of disassembly-Assembly and additional testing of the flowmeter.

DFM 250D ADVANTAGES over similar devices:

Flow meters and working time:

-Fuel consumption

-Hourly fuel consumption, l / h

-The time flow in camera "Submission"

-The time flow in the chamber, "the Return"

-total fuel consumption, l

-total fuel consumption in the "Idle"

-total fuel consumption in the "Optimal"

-total fuel consumption in "Overload"

-total fuel consumption in the "Negative" ( "the Return" more "Representation")

The motor is running:

-total operating time, h

-total operating time in "Idling"

-total operating time in "Optimal"

-total operating time in "Overload"

-total operating time in a mode of "Negative"

-total operation time camera "Submission"

the total operation time of the camera, "the Return"

-time cameras "Supply" and "Return" in all modes, the cost of fuel


-Time mode "Cheat", h

-While working in the mode of "Intervention" h

-Fuel consumption in the "Cheat", l

-The current mode of engine operation on fuel consumption

-fuel temperature

-The status of the function dermacorrect

-The value of the correction factor

-The remainder of the battery.

Link https://transgroup.ua/

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