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Harrow BDFP-2.4. Trailed harrow with frontal arrangement of individual bodies of disc working bodies. The harrow is designed for continuous soil cultivation of compacted soils of different mechanical composition with crushing and embedding of plant residues in the soil up to 27% and soil hardness up to 3.5 MPa in various agrotechnical schemes. The harrow can be used in all soil and climatic zones, except for areas with significant stony inclusions. Soil moisture should not exceed 27%, and hardness up to 3.5 MPa. The harrow is aggregated with 80 hp tractors equipped with a hydraulic system. from
Name BDFP-2.4 BDFP-2.8 BDFP-3.1 BDFP-3.5 BDFP-3.8 BDFP-4.2
Type trailed
Working speed 8-12 km / h
The depth of soil processing is 8-18 cm.
Height in transport position 1400 mm.
Height in working position 1100 mm.
Length 4940 mm.
Width 2.4 m. 2.8 m. 3.1 m. 3.5 m. 3.8 m. 4.2 m.
Productivity 1.9 ha / h, 2.2 ha / h, 2.5 ha / h, 2.8 ha / h, 3.1 ha / h, 3.4 ha / h.
Tractor power80 HP 100 hp 130 hp 160 hp 180 hp 200 hp
Transport speed, no more than 20 km / h
Number of working bodies14 racks16 racks18 racks20 racks22 racks24 racks
Number of rollers 1 roller 2 rollers
Ground clearance, not less than 300 mm,
Conversion to transport and working position Hydraulic wheel transport of the disc harrow, connection to the tractor hydraulic system
Weight 1400 kg. 1630 kg. 1850 kg. 2000 kg. 2250 kg. 2400 kg.
The BDFP trailed harrow is produced with a working width of 2.4 to 4.2 meters. It is completed with plate cylindrical rollers with a diameter of 400 mm.

Trailed disc harrow BDFP-2.4 BDFP-2.4
BDFP-2.4 trailed disc harrow
The harrow contains two rows of discs, each of which is located on an individual stand, which is attached to the bar with two L-shaped brackets (diameter 20 mm). This design excludes clogging of the disk space. The harrow can be used in all soil and climatic zones where soil moisture does not exceed 27 percent and with soil hardness not exceeding 3.5 MPa, and it is also not recommended to use this harrow in areas with significant stony inclusions. Due to the use of individual stands in the design, the front harrow can be used at high working speeds - up to 14 km / h.

harrow stand BDF Stand BDF-BDFP
Disk working body, which is a cut spherical disk (chamomile) mounted on the hub, with a diameter of 650 mm. and 6 mm thick., with internal sharpening along the entire contour. Due to the special geometry of the trestle rack, it is installed at the optimal angle of attack to the thrust line and angle to the vertical, providing high-quality crumbling, crushing and rotation of the cut layer.

Unlike similar harrows from other manufacturers, this harrow design uses chamomile discs (cut spherical) with a diameter of 650 mm, a thickness of 6 mm, made of 65G steel. During manufacturing, the discs are thermally treated, which provides a hardness of 36-42 HRC.

Discs are installed on hubs that rotate around an axis on roller bearing (Bearing 127509 - UAZ-ovsky hub) units at an angle of attack and a vertical inclination of 21 degrees.

The metal boot, which is installed on the axle during assembly, overlaps the hub, forming a protective structure, which is complemented by a cuff with an oil seal inside and a boot outside. The unit is very well sealed from the external environment due to this design.

The locating and adjusting nut of the hub bearing is closed by a flange with a cap, which has two functions:

hub sealing
fixing the working body (BDF disk) on the hub.
The scraper with two bolts with square head restraints is attached to a bracket with two grooves, which in turn is welded to the rack and, when the harrow is in operation, cleans the working body (disc BDF chamomile) from soil adhesion, winding up plants, clogging crop residues, and also directs the soil flow side crushing and wrapping it.

The harrow rear rollers provide two functions:

crush the soil
seals and levels the surface
In addition to the above functions, using the roller for mounted harrows, the tillage depth is set, which varies, as indicated above, from 8 to 18 cm.

The required loosening depth and stable movement of the harrow-tractor unit are provided with a turnbuckle (screw mechanism with right and left threads), which provides adjustment of the vertical position of the roller.

The harrow is aggregated with tractors equipped with a hydraulic system with a capacity from 80 (for the BDFP-2.4 trailed harrow) to 200 (for the BDFP-4.2 trailed harrow) horsepower, depending on the width of the implement.

With the help of lanyards, the stroke height (working depth) of the plate roller with a diameter of 400 mm is adjusted.

The design of the roller mounting allows you to shift (move) the roller to the left or right (if necessary).

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