The Herbicide Roundup

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The roundup herbicide effective against annual and perennial, monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous and comparethem weeds. Used in the processing of soybean, potato, rapeseed (winter and spring), sugar beet, flax, and sorghum. The drug is also used to protect trees and shrubs.

Characteristics of the herbicide roundup

  • Fast action. Weeds are destroyed in the beginning of crop development, so do not have time to cause harmful effects.

  • Efficiency. The drug eliminates the aboveground and underground parts of weeds.

  • No harm to soil. Manufacturers have minimized the number of impacts on soil, so humidity is at the optimal level.

  • The drug roundup does not emit toxic substances and does not harm the environment and humans.

  • Productivity. This tool increases the germination on the plot.

  • Subsequent fit – without any restrictions. Before the next sowing agronomists do not perform special processing, because the agrochemical is rapidly degraded in the soil.

  • Easy application. To remove weeds do not need to have special skills.

  • Savings – cheaper than foreign analogues.

The instructions for use and other attributes of the herbicide can be found on page

The principle of operation

The herbicide roundup works by Transorb technology, thanks to which the agrochemical destroys the waxy coating that protects leaves pests. The tool creates vulnerable areas, penetrates the structure of the plant and within the hour the root system accumulates 75% glyphosate. The weed absorbs the liquid for 4-6 hours.

Agronomists recommend the drug roundup because the first signs of the drug become apparent after 5-6 days after treatment. First, the plant turns yellow, the amusement fades, but after 2-3 weeks after the introduction of the – dies.

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