Organics biological destructor "Good host"

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Biodestructor "Good host" is designed to accelerate the decomposition of organic residues and enrich the soil.

Due to the uniqueness of its composition, it allows you to quickly decompose plant residues remaining after harvesting.

harvest and also suppress pathogenic microflora.

The main advantages of the Dobry Khozyain biodestructor are as follows:

• Accelerates the decomposition of plant residues

• Destroys pathogenic fungi, cleans the soil

• Improves soil fertility, enriching with beneficial microflora and macro- and microelements

• Accelerates the formation of humus, NPK mineralization and other plant nutrients.

The composition of the drug includes: nitrogen-fixing bacteria; fungus Trihoderma lignorum;

organic extracts; Nitrogen (N) -20%; Potassium (K2O) -10%, Phosphorus (Р2О5) -10%, Iron (Fe) -30 g/l,

Manganese (Mn) -7 g/l, Copper (Cu) -10 g/l, Boron (B) -5 g/l, Magnesium (Mg) -10 g/l, Sulfur (S) -10 g/l,

Vitamins B, B6, B12, amino acids and other necessary components.

Processing method: (from 5 to 8 liters per 1 ha. depending on the crop)

For 1 ha, take 5 liters of the Dobry Khozyain biodestructor and dilute it in 200-300 liters of water, mixing thoroughly. If saltpeter or carbamide is added, then at the beginning it is diluted with 200-300 liters of water saltpeter or urea, and only after the water temperature is at least +17 ° C, add a biodestructor.

Processing should be carried out in the morning and in the evening in calm weather, avoiding direct sunlight on the stubble biodestructor. It is desirable to dissect the treated soil immediately, without leaving the preparation on the soil under direct sunlight.


The drug is stored in a sealed package in a place protected from light.

Warranty period of storage from the date of production:

12 months at 4°C to 10°C or 6 months at 15°C to 25°C.

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