Fertilizer "Good owner" -phosphorus-potassium concentrate
Fertilizer "Good owner" -phosphorus-potassium concentrate
Fertilizer "Good owner" -phosphorus-potassium concentrate
Fertilizer "Good owner" -phosphorus-potassium concentrate

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"Kind Boss" - phosphoric concentrate, this is a new generation of organic fertilizers created on the basis of seafood, bacteria Pseudomonas aureofaciens and the fungus Trichoderma lignorum that exist in nature,

possessing insectofungicidal, bactericidal, antiviral, anti-nematode properties. The fertilizer is intended for feeding and protecting against pests and diseases of gardens,

grapes, berries, vegetables, melons, grain crops by spraying on the leaf.

This liquid concentrated fertilizer is used at the second stage of plant development and is characterized by a high content of phosphorus, potassium, and has insect-fungicidal, bactericidal, antiviral and anti-nematode properties.

Extracts of high-protein brown algae Sargassum, Laminaria and Ascophullum Nodosum included in the preparation provide plants with organic components, vitamins,

amino acids, polysaccharides, alginic and other unsaturated fatty acids, and natural regulators (auxin, ABK cytokinin, giberelin),

and other biologically active components can regulate the hormonal balance of plants. The fertilizer contains a wide range of microelements chelated with mannitol,

found only in algae, and has a strong stimulating effect on plant growth,

and thanks to chitin, cancer-like (crabs, shrimps) has an anti-stress and immunostimulating effect.

As you know, plants receive the necessary nutrition not only through the root system, but also through the leaves.

Composition: seaweed extract, alginic acid, organic extracts, Potassium (K2O), Phosphorus (P2O5), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Bor (V), Manganese (Mn), Calcium ( Ca), humic acids, natural hormones, vitamins, amino acids, betaine, mannitol, chitosan oligosaccharide, bacteria Pseudomonas aureofaciens.

Its action: penetrating into plants through a leafy plate, quickly replenishes the deficiency of trace elements and other nutrients.

Promotes balanced growth of roots and ground mass, differentiation of flower buds. Accelerates fruit setting, prevents shedding of flowers and ovaries, promotes thickening of integumentary tissues and cell walls. Increases productivity and quality of products, as well as their storage time. Accelerates ripening by an average of 7-12 days. Prevents the development of top rot of cabbage, reduces cracking of cherry and sweet cherry fruits.

Oligosaccharide Chitosan isolated from chitin of crayfish, in combination with Pseudomonas bacteria, provides resistance to the penetration of pathogens into plants, suppresses already penetrated pathogens, and significantly inhibits the development and spread of nematodes. Stimulates the production by plants of substances responsible for immunity (phytoalexins, lignins, and a number of enzymes), accelerates wound healing. Separately, the Pseudomonas bacteria perform two important functions, firstly, when they hit the leaves and branches when spraying, they destroy pathogenic microorganisms and some types of pests. Secondly, by penetrating into the tissues, they protect the plant from the inside, moreover, such pests as: aphids, caterpillars, ticks, etc. eating sap or leaves, they absorb bacteria into themselves, and they block their digestive function and lead them to death.

Method of application: processing begins after flowering and before harvesting with an interval of 15-20 days. Consumption: 200 ml. 10 liters. water, the solution is prepared 15 minutes before work.

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