Cesar -insectoacaricide biological against pests

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César bioinsectic acid Patent № 4424

It is a broad spectrum biological insectoacaricide. The product is intended for spraying agricultural crops and ornamental plants against such pests as: herbivorous ticks, Colorado potato beetle, turnip and cabbage whiteworm, cabbage scoop, sawflies, leafworms, caterpillars, bukarka, goose, beetle, moth, moth, tobacco and Californian trips species of aphids, bug-turtles and many others.

Cesar prevents the penetration of pathogens, suppresses the penetrated pathogens.

The drug does not accumulate in fruits and plants, does not pollute the environment, does not cause addiction to pests. The drug can be used at the time of fruit ripening. The waiting period is 24 hours.

Ingredients: bacteria Pseudomonas B-306, and enzymes of the fungus Stereptomyces avermitilis-0.5%, Chitosan.

Principle of action: the drug, penetrating the body of pests by intestinal or contact, disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses in pests, which leads to paralysis and death. Already 6-8 hours after treatment, gnawing pests stop feeding, and sucking pests after 12-16 hours. The death of pests occurs on 2-3 days, the maximum effect is achieved on 5-7 days.

Method of application: Spraying is carried out during the growing season when pests appear. It is better to spray in the evening, in dry, calm weather, achieving uniform wetting of the leaf plate. The optimum temperature for processing is +18 degrees and above. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated at intervals of 12-15 days. The drug is prepared before starting work. Storage of the working solution is not allowed. Precipitation and dew reduce the effectiveness of the preparation, therefore, the treatment must be carried out 30 hours before precipitation, or it is recommended to add the "Good owner" adhesive to the ready-made solution.

Consumption rate:

against the Colorado potato beetle - 10 ml. 10 liters. water 2 times,

spraying of a garden, vegetables, fruits and berries, grapes - 15-20 ml. for 10 liters. water.

The rate for 1 ha is 250 ml. for 250-300 liters. water.

The drug is safe for beneficial insects, but moderately dangerous for bees, therefore, it cannot be sprayed during flowering.

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