Adhesive organic "Good host"
Adhesive organic "Good host"
Adhesive organic "Good host"
Adhesive organic "Good host"

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Adhesive "Dobry Khozyain" is a universal biological film-forming drug developed on the basis of microbial polysaccharides with a prolonging effect.

Application Benefits

• due to the high adhesive ability provides reliable and long-term fixing on any surface;

• forms a finely porous protective elastic film, which, like a thermos, creates a microclimate inside the leaf and fruit, protecting it from drying out and sunburn,

at the same time, without slowing down the process of penetration of gases to the plant during photosynthesis;

• naturally (being a composition of microbial polysaccharides), it helps to increase the sugar content in fruits and plant cell sap;

• ideal for working in greenhouses in the fields, and household plots with biopreparations Guapsin, Trichofit, Dobry Khozyain, etc.

• Remains on the foliage for up to 8 average static rains and is both a habitat for the bacteria of these preparations and a source of their nutrition.

•increases drought resistance of plants, as well as their resistance to frost and stress

• it is well dissolved in water; water hardness and temperature do not affect the effectiveness of the drug

•allows processing of plants in the temperature range from +50C to +400C

• Increases the speed of action and effectiveness of chemicals and biological products to stimulate or protect plants, maintaining optimal humidity for a long time

on the surface of the plant (prolongator),

The viscosity of the adhesive allows you to block the movement of some pests on the foliage, such as aphids, flower beetles, caterpillars, ticks; sticks together pupae and larvae

pests that have not yet appeared, such as: cherry and plum fly, codling moth, etc. reducing their numbers; Fixes fungal spores preventing them from spreading,

and thus reduce the developed fungal diseases.

Having a biological origin, the drug is non-toxic to humans, fish, animals, and also does not affect the taste and color of the grown products.

Consumption rate: 1) 10ml per 10l of water

2) Pest control 20ml per 10L of water

3) per 1 ha 300-500ml per 200-300l of water

The adhesive is added already to the ready tank mixture 15 minutes before spraying and mix thoroughly.

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